Site ChangeLog

Everything Changes

11/05/2022: Added new Kubernetes content. Removed some older posts that had fallen out of the scope of this project.

09/16/2022: Complete overahaul of the site. Dynamic menuing has been replaced with static pages. Site has been rearranged into an easier to follow format. Menu changed to single links instead of dynamic folding menus. I believe this works much better all the way around.

05/06/2022: Fixed broken menu and status page. This was caused by a change in Elasticsearch servers at the server lab.

05/06/2022: Updated index page with my current status and status of this page.

04/20/2022: Updated index page with my current status and status of this page.

03/22/2022: Removed 3 posts that I have decided were outside the scope of this project.

03/22/2022: Added new Project Post "I Have Figured Out That I am Building My Own Knowledgebase"

03/21/2022: Added new Project Post "SQL Can Do it Too"

03/18/2022: Added new Project Post "Near Realtime Data Monitoring: A Simple Javascript"

03/16/2022: Updated site About page.

03/15/2022: Added websocket host fallthrough to site.js. This will attempt the public secure websocket first and then fall back to the local development IP if the public socket fails. This was only added while local develpment is ongoing and will be removed when websocket development is complete.

03/15/2022: Optimized websocket to only send metrics data if url is systemStatus.html

03/15/2022: Fixed bug in code that sent navbar code with every update.

03/15/2022: Enabled auto menu updater. If the Websocket detects a change in the menu code it will alert all clients that a new menu is available and wait for acknowledgement from the client javascript before sending the new menu code.

03/15/2022: Updated site.js to work with new websocket send/ack format.

03/15/2022: Added dynamic button to systemStats.html page that allows the user to enable or disable the updates to the visualizations that are realtime capable.

03/15/2022: Updated navbar to make System Status a dropdown that holds the system metrics page and this changelog page.

03/15/2022: Cleaned up hard to follow chart builder / updater system. In this version the whole canvas is destroyed and rebuilt on updates.

03/15/2022: Fixed CSS menu and image scaling on mobile devices.

03/14/2022: Site pushed from development to Live