What is a Singularity

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I was sitting here this morning pondering, meditating, then thinking and pondering some more about what to write about this morning. The first idea that slipped into my mind was E=MC^2. As I pondered what to write about with this as a topic, other ideas started to flow. Should I write something about Einstein? Should I write my thoughts on that exact formula? Should I take it to the next level and write something about nuclear fission, which all of our power plants and destructive nuclear weapons use? Or should I just toss that idea and search for something else.

My mind decided this was not to be. The voice in my mind said, write it down, look at it, you will see it. Amusingly I could not find a notebook with an empty page anywhere in the house, so my writings were on a post-it note pad. At the top of this post you see what I wrote on that post-it note that led to this post.

As you see through most of these posts, one of my bigger interests is science and, more specifically, physics. Physics of any kind but relativity, quantum mechanics, particle physics and the like are what interest me most.

Over all of the years of reading about physics, watching documentaries about space and physics, and just my general interest in the math behind it, there is one problem that continually comes up. No one has been able to truly define what a singularity is. There are a lot of theories but no solid definition. Science can only truly define what can be tested. But you can theorize anything. So let me theorize what came to my mind while studying E=MC^2 while thinking about a singularity.

Now it has been said that this equation breaks down when you hit the math of a singularity. This equation's math even starts to bend into patterns unrecognizable by the human mind at the event horizon of a black hole. But maybe it is still the connector between relativity and the quantum world.

One thing that came to my mind about why we don't understand the math at the event horizon nor the singularity is that maybe it is because we are looking into infinity. Traveling down this thought path, you could even say that the event horizon is the edge of infinity as we know it.

So somewhat of a formula came out of this, and that is where this post is leading. And you saw it above on the post-it note.

I am not a trained physicist. I have ideas that I like to share. I am currently a database engineer on sabbatical from the IT world. So bear with me and take from this what you will.

What I came up with looks like this
Singularity =


In my loose equation above, there are no doubt some problems. Infinity is, of course, unmeasurable, so you cant use it as part of a real definition. At first glance, it looks like infinity is equal on both sides of the equation but as far as human perception goes, it is not. As far as we are concerned, time is infinite. It will go on forever. So the equation is heavy on the left side with infinite times an infinite. Our normal human perception has already given up here, and you have to move to theorization.

Since I do not have a team to go over this with me, I will explain what I think. If anyone would like to discuss I am sure we can set something up. Generally, I am saying that a singularity is the end of time and gravity but the beginning of dark energy and dark matter.

We can not detect dark energy or dark matter because they have been warped into an unrecognizable wave as the exact and equal opposite effect of time and gravity. These would be negative velocity and negative mass. In theory, this could put this discharge from a singularity in a dimension one above ours, flowing backward at a negative velocity and a negative mass. But this negative is not the way the human mind perceives negatives. Negative is just the only word that makes sense to us.

Though we define it as negative because of how we perceive dimensions other than our own, in that dimension, negative could very easily be the positive that is pushing the universe apart. The way I see it, this would also explain the information paradox. In this theory, the information would always be here, just severely warped by the singularity's extreme environment, churned into something that actually leaves the singularity but is nowhere near what went in and possibly thrown into a dimension higher than our perception can understand, think Tesseract. Still, it is so far out of normal human perception we can only guess if this is actually happening.

I really do hope some people that read this take it seriously. It makes as much sense as any other theory, but no doubt needs more thought and refinement.

Maybe in the end a singularity is just the infinity that we can not comprehend.

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