We Are The 5th Dimension

Because We Can Comprehend

Humans as a whole are complex machines with trillions of moving parts. Some may argue against the trillions of moving parts but do you think any part of your body is ever truly at rest? Parts may slow down for rest and recovery, but the internals are always moving. The neural signals between all of the different parts of the body and the brain. The neural signals ever-present in the brain even when you are sleeping. There is not now and never will be a machine that can replace the human system's complexity. Add the brain that controls all of this complexity to the equation, and you have a beautiful machine that can not be matched.

Artificial Intelligence will never reach the level of the human mind. I have written other blog posts that also mention this belief. My belief is that our path to Artificial Intelligence is nothing more than a super-fast search engine with some good human-written algorithms guiding them towards their target. No AI ever will have the wisdom or constitution of the human mind. Our mind is an analog computer with an unlimited number of bits. The only limits are those that we put on ourselves, or sadly those put on us by others. In some societies, they would like everyone to think alike. When you jump too far outside the proverbial box, others get scared. Just check into Copernicus, Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci, or any of the other hundreds if not thousands of humans that have been persecuted over time because they shared an idea that, while totally correct, scared others, especially those of religious power.

As science has progressed through time, many advancements have been made in all fields of science. Our current level of scientific understanding has two hurdles, time and infinity. We fully understand neither. But we can think about it. We can think about anything that we want to think about. That is what is unique about humans in the animal kingdom. As far as we know, we are the only animals that can theorize. We can think through things and deduce an infinite number of outcomes based on little or, in some cases, no data.

What can I theorize about infinity? Though I explained this in another post, it never hurts to include it again, so everyone knows my thoughts. Since I can not explain infinity as a value of math other than a sideways 8, I can explain how to imagine it. I imagine infinity as a string in front of me and behind me, that goes on forever. This string vibrates with every thought, every molecule, every atom, every wave, every everything rides on this string of infinity. This is a single line like an infinitely small thread, but I can envision that it has a faint glow that allows me to see it. I know not where it ends or where it begins. Or should that be when it begins or when it ends? I just know that it has very large importance to our species, actually the universe as a whole. See, I can think about it, though we can't even prove it.

Let us take a look at my thoughts on time. In this train of thought that I am on now, time, for all practical purposes, goes on forever forwards and backward. The current arrow of time theory supports this. But if this is true, doesn't that sound a lot like infinity? So can we say time is the exact same thing as infinity? No, we can not because we can not test it, but we can think about it. Sometimes I look at time as if it runs with infinity but has an infinitely large width that forms the 4th dimension of the universe we live in.

How does all of this tie into saying “We Are the 5th Dimension," and possibly we are the 5th state of matter that science has been searching for? Well, it is actually pretty easy to envision this if you think about it. Our brain can take all of these concepts and make sense out of them. Scientists have a good idea but are still not absolutely sure how our brains work. Even if some claim to then ask them, where does the spark come from? What makes us strive for success, family, relationships, or any other human condition. Sure they can point to a part of the brain and say, well, this controls that, ok, but why? Why do we do it? Why do we exist? What makes a mother take on an angry wolf to protect her children, knowing that she may be severely hurt or even killed? For that matter, why do people commit crimes? Why do we still murder after millions of years of evolution? No one knows. They can point to, for instance, a chemical imbalance in the brain, but why? Why did that happen? There are lots of theories, no direct answers. You can ask Why? of any situation in the human condition and get a different answer from ten different people.

The brain's structure and how it sends signals so fast from one place to another is still not fully understood. How are we technically electrified, and it does not kill us. What keeps all of this in control. Yes, we have the voluntary and involuntary actions controlled by our brain, all controlled by electrical signals, but why? What gives us this spark? No one truly knows. But we can think about it.

I believe this moves us as the human into the 5th dimension. We constantly look for things outside of ourselves to answer the hard questions. Still, maybe if we take a step back and say, you know we are pretty awesome organisms, maybe we should look inside for some of the answers we look so hard for on the outside. Being able to extrapolate something from nothing is something humans can do. Doesn't this sound at least a little familiar? The big bang created something from nothing, or if you follow the religious path, a god or gods created something from nothing. Only the human mind is capable of this. It allows us to think about an infinite number of dimensions, even negative dimensions, which even science would probably say is not a thing, but maybe it is? It allows us to think about and envision an infinite number of deities. An infinite number of anything, even the infinite arrow of time.

But is it infinite if no one is here to think about it? Does time continue to exist after you pass out of this mortal coil and are no longer here to think about it? Well, we don't know.... but we can think about it.

Deep Thoughts