Quantum Particles Move Us Through the 4th Dimension

What do we know?

For the last couple of weeks, I have had this recurring thought in my brain about quantum physics and, in particular, quantum strings and quantum teleportation or, as Einstein called it, "Spooky action at a distance". I could not shake this thought but could not figure out how to explain what I saw as I pondered this situation that does not yet have a bulletproof theory. The idea is deep and complex. You have to think beyond the bounds of what we humans know as the universe to begin to even peek at the answers to these questions. Human preconceptions slow us down more than anything else.

We live in what we consider to be a three-dimensional universe. Everything we know consists of the three vectors; length, width, and height. This is what we see. This is what we feel. This is what we know. But this is not everything.

Everything is built on something else. From the smallest quantum particle up to the largest star that we know of all the way to the universe itself. Everything is built on something. So what formed the third dimension? Does there have to be a first and second dimension to build the third dimension on?

Do we live in a three-dimensional world, or does our world become four-dimensional because of the arrow of time? If you can move through time, then time is a dimension like moving forward, backward, or left or right. Any direction is a dimension that you move through. We also move through time. Therefore, time is a dimension. We do not fully understand the fourth dimension, so we just call it time and move on with daily life. But to understand how all of this works, we must understand the dimension of time and other higher and lower dimensions.

We may say that writing on a piece of paper or watching television, or even your computer display is 2D. On the quantum level, this is not true in any way. Everything down to the smallest electron driving a single pixel in your display is 3D or the particles of material left behind on a piece of paper after writing or drawing on it; at the molecular level, every piece of that is 3D.

Visually we see it as 2D. That is how our brains perceive it, but just as with everything else in our universe, nothing can ever be absolutely 2D or 1D, for that matter, as that would require an infinitely small dimension which is impossible. But, it is only impossible in the 3D world that we live in, moving down 1 level to the second dimension, and you have one infinitely small dimension because it's not there. But this brings up another very interesting question. Which dimension is missing? Is this where "Spooky action at a distance comes from?"

Einstein knew how to look outside of the limits of the human mind, but this even scared him when it came up in the equations. Now it is called quantum teleportation. There are many theories on why and what it is, many experiments that prove it is a real phenomenon, but to this day, nothing that I know of actually explains the why of quantum teleportation.

The more I thought about this, I started to focus heavily on anything at all that could allow this to happen. Nothing is instant, but according to the theories, quantum teleportation can happen across the universe in an instant. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to control or predict when this happens. Sometimes it can be predicted but not always. Then I remembered something else Einstein had said, "God tirelessly plays dice under laws which he has himself prescribed." Then I started to bend these two ideas together and thought, maybe he was actually onto something deeper than he knew.

Let us postulate for a moment that technically we live in a 4D universe with time being the 4th dimension. The only way we understand time is the way we perceive it as humans. There is really no other understanding of it at all. When I imagine time being the 4th dimension that makes up our world, I think of the tesseract and the animation below.

In my view, this explains time as the 4th dimension exactly. This view shows me three dimensions moving through a fourth dimension. This makes sense to me as time being the 4th dimension and our 3D world moving through it.

But let's think deeply about what would happen if time did not exist.

This is a hard concept for us to rationalize as humans because we are used to time. As much as we sometimes hate the alarm clock, we take comfort in time. Without time we would not exist. Actually, we could not exist without time because it takes time to make things. It takes time to change things, it takes time to settle things, and so on and on forever. Without time nothing can exist. Without time all bodies in nature would stop moving. There would be no decay or death. You would just cease to exist completely and utterly forever if you ever existed at all. But I must ask the question; How do the vibrations of the universe perceive it?

The theories say that nothing can move faster than the speed of light. There are no rules against it because it just can not happen. Even when traveling near the speed of light strange things happen. The main thing we will focus on for the point of my theory is that things traveling at the speed of light do not age and, at the same time, have infinite mass. But there is the problem, that infinity thing again. We, as humans, can not comprehend infinity. We have given infinity a definition of something that goes on forever, never-ending, but that is not a usable answer. We can't count to it, can't calculate with it, and do not even really understand it. Infinity causes many roadblocks in explaining things in science. The big bang, black holes, white holes, universal expansion, and so on. Infinity is a pain in the ass of science. But what if we did not think about it that way.

Over the last few decades, there have been theories explaining that what we have all been taught, nothing can move faster than the speed of light actually is not completely true and defines something that can travel faster than the speed of light…. empty space. But this takes the mystery even deeper because what is empty space? How can nothing move? But is it really moving? If time does not exist, then how does anything move at all? When did time start in this equation of the universe? There are numerous theories, some even partially backed up by experiments like the experiments looking for life particles at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland. But are we looking for the right thing?

This theory of the quantum world living in a dimension below ours would explain many things, including faster than light travel and quantum teleportation. If quantum strings exist only in the 3D world and not fully in our 4D world, then time does not exist for them. With the correct equipment, we could even see them because they exist in 3D space. They are just not bound by the dimension of time. But how can we even know or test this if they do not exist in time because I said above that nothing can exist without time?

This would follow the same theory of empty space expanding faster than the speed of light. If the fourth dimension did not yet exist when expansion started, the universe would be free to expand until it hit a specific point, maybe a specific overall mass that caused time to trip into existence. Remember, photons do not experience time because they have such a small mass it is insignificant to the physics that explains it. If a photon were to suddenly gain a large mass while moving at the speed of light, the energy release would be enough to wipe out the entire universe.

The same theory could be applied to the expansion of the universe. It is very well possible that the 4th dimension of time did not exist during the initial expansion of the universe. By the time it gained enough mass for time to come into existence, it was already moving at such a velocity that it could not be slowed down. Where would any of this have started? Growth in the 3rd dimension which ultimately created everything that we know.

The speed of light is known as a cosmic constant. It can not be changed, it can not be reached, it can be measured, but beyond that only theorized. But we also have another limit, the plank limit at 1.6 x10-35 m or .00000000000000000000000000000000016m. Much like the speed of light is a speed barrier, the smallest plank unit is a size barrier. Yet photons can travel at the speed of light. What happens if you take something at the smallest possible plank and throw it by its self into the third dimension. Could it exist there without the dimension of time because of its incredibly small size? Weirder things have been theorized.

But let's look at it similar to how we think about a photon. This could be a possibility and explain many things that we still do not understand about quantum strings, quantum dots, quantum entanglement, and quantum teleportation and could, in the end, be the theory that ties all of the other theories together. If you remove one dimension, in theory, travel in that dimension becomes instant because it no longer exists. If we put quantum physics alone in the third dimension without the inconvenience of time in the fourth dimension, it opens up many thought paths that may have been ignored up until this point.

Free your mind from the 4D trap that it is living in and explore other-dimensional possibilities when trying to answer these questions. That is what it will take to get us over the current hurdles in our understanding of the universe.

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