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Since I have been working on this blog over the last year or so, there have been a few posts where I mentioned not always knowing the math behind an equation. My statement generally is that I know how to plug the same math variables and values into some programing language or another to get the answer but not how to write out the equation and figure it out by hand. But there seems to have been a pattern shift in my mind as far as mathematics goes. Lately, I have been looking at math differently, more like a beautiful language than the sometimes confusing collection of numbers, variables, and functions as I viewed it in the past. This change of path brings many realizations.

I really did not like most math when I was in school. I now believe this was more because of how it was taught rather than any aversion to learning it. I have always been interested in math, science, and all disciplines of physics, but interested more on a, let's watch a documentary level, never wanting to take that next step into, this all cool, but what makes it tick, what do these equations and formulas say, where is that golden triangle that is going to tie all of this together. To understand this beyond the documentary level, you have no choice but to dive into the math and figure it out. I have reached that point.

Einstein and E=MC^2 is the most famous pairing in science history. Anyone with even an inkling of like for science knows this equation. Why is it so popular? Because it is elegant, it is simple, it is short. Almost anyone with a basic understanding of math can figure out this equation. This equation only has two possible variables as C, the speed of light is constant. So to complete this equation, you only need one variable, either E for energy or M for mass. Short, simple, elegant. But it did not start off that way, and Einstein spent much time pairing it down to that simple formula; that was part of his genius.

Since I am headed down this path, particle physics 101, I will do two calculations based on this equation as I need to answer a question in my mind and have yet to do the math. First, though you can find the answer on the Internet, let's figure, what exactly is the energy of a photon? So we want to find E, and we have C, so we need M, or the mass of a photon, to complete this equation. Ah, but there is a problem, photons have no measurable mass, they are a particle. But traveling at the speed of light, any other object will have grown to infinite mass and experience no movement through time, that 4th dimension I frequently refer to. But yet again, there is that infinity problem we always run into when calculating the extreme of any dimension. We can not calculate infinity. Infinity breaks everything. Infinity is one of the very rare concepts that even eludes the power of the human mind.

Fortunately, at this point in our thought experiment, the energy of a photon is inconsequential to the path that we are headed down. The question is, why is it this way, and where does infinity intertwine with time? Is it only the ultra-fast or also the ultra-small? Or do we go deeper and say this expands on a previous theory I postulated that states quantum particles do not exist in our 4D world, therefore, do not experience time. But they might be part of the equation that creates time.

None of this is based on any current theory research. This is all based on the basic mathematics I know, and that I am now plugging the numbers and thoughts into existing formulas just to see how it all reacts. This is completely out-of-the-box thinking for most people as it is inconsequential to daily life, but it has become a burning topic that keeps recirculating through my mind. So many questions that need answers.

If I am touching on a topic or theory that has already been proposed, great, then at least one other person comprehends this similar to how I do. I do a lot of this mentally and just visualize the outcome and explain it the way I would understand it instead of a bunch of long formulas and numbers that take up half of a page. These are thought experiments. Think about my view and then try to visualize it. Maybe an equation will come out of it. Though there will be math eventually…

So back to the experiment, in theory, photons have no mass. They have energy but no mass. This breaks the famous E=MC^2 equation because anything multiplied by 0 is 0. Deeper into math and physics, 0 does not actually exist. It is an infinity of nothing. 0 is just a placeholder for human thought. Nothing can be 0. It does not exist. So on all levels, 0 is just as bad as infinity when calculating anything because you can not create something from nothing. Or can you?

The theory of the Big Bang says you can, but only because it also breaks down at infinity. Nothing can see past infinity, but I think we will get much closer as we drive forward into the future and make more scientific discoveries. Ah, but let us slow down for just a minute, even that is a contradictory statement. The harder we try to see infinity, the further away it will be. That is the hell of infinity in any mathematics, so elusive it even has its own symbol. We can refine our techniques to an ultimate level of human perfection and still be nowhere closer to infinity than the big bang was at the instant of creation.

But, if we can say that in a small slice of nothing right at the big bang time did not exist, then the possible outcomes grow exponentially. We can't say time because time did not exist in this theory, but if we have an equation that says something can be created from nothing, then we can also postulate that things can happen when there is no dimension of time. Just as photons have no mass but create energy because of their tremendous speed, would it be too ridiculous to think that something tremendously small could exist in a dimension below ours where time does not exist? Could the particle be so small that it creates a minutely small white hole drawing on the singularity in a black hole somewhere in the universe to create the 4th dimension? If enough of them gathered together, would it form an ever-growing time bubble that we experience as the 4th dimension, or as most know it, time? This technically would be no more outlandish than the already proven quantum teleportation theory.

But let's ponder for a moment how deep time is intertwined with infinity. If we stop time, would infinity still exist? If time does not exist lower than the 4th dimension, can anything exist alone in the 3rd dimension? Maybe. A theory is a maybe. We have a lot of maybes in science. I will now try to explain my view on this maybe.

Photons can act the way they do because they have no mass… if they did have mass, there would be no light, but that is another story. So we have these photons with no mass that can travel at the speed of light, do not age, and deliver energy all over the universe. But what if ultra-small particles, strings, or even more deeply quantum vibrations can actually create their own time because of their small dimensions that are just slightly, minutely above infinity? Especially the non existent dimension of time. Could they survive alone in a 3D universe without time because they create their own tiny, almost infinitely small bubble of time? Compare the energy of time to the energy of a photon, and this might start to make sense. Time is an energy, just like anything else. It has to be generated somewhere.

Most theories up until this point say that time came into existence at some point not long after the theoretical big bang. My theory of a 3D only universe that we can detect but not see I think could easily figure into this as the 3D portion of our universe would have had to existed before time came into existence, all of that stuff created from nothing had to go somewhere. I believe this is quite feasible with the energy available at that point, explained by the crazy product of 0*infinity. Unfortunately, it can only be explained in an equation as there is no way to prove or disprove a theory that has an infinity component. In most cases, when this point is reached, the infinity symbol is entered into the equation, and it is laid to rest to maybe be revived later when we have more knowledge.

Most quantum theory refers to at least the 4th dimension, with some theories going above 19 dimensions to explain what they are trying to do. Currently, though, we only truly understand up to the 4th dimension, and that 4th dimension of time is a fickle beast. Another one of those things that we can think about and theorize all day, but we really don't know what time is. We know it slows down everything in its bubble when traveling at near light speed. This is proven in particle physics experiments. We know that it slows down all processes as gravity increases. These play right together with each other since as an object moves faster, approaching the speed of light, the mass of the object increases at an exponential rate approaching infinity the closer you come to the speed of light. As mass increases so does the gravitational pull of the object.

Simplifying this a bit in my own mind tells me that anything that actually has a mass that approaches the speed of light would more than likely collapse into a black hole, as at the speed of light mass would be infinite. Also, because of the exponential increase in mass, it takes exponentially more energy to go faster. Moving at the full speed of light would add infinite mass and infinite time to the equation, then it is broken. It just can not be done, at least at our current level of understanding. I am not talking about theoretical warp bubbles that use massive amounts of energy to warp space and time or wormholes. This thought assumes our object is physically moving at the speed of light. But it's not.

So let's hop back to the big bang and what happened that infinitely long span of time just before time popped into existence. Could this have happened? When speaking in theory, anything can happen until you can prove that it can't happen. As of our current human understanding, there could not have been an infinitely long period between the start of the big bang or any other part of the big bang, as infinity would have kept it stuck in the same state for, well, infinity. But as we know, the big bang was not a bang. That just makes it sound cool. There would have been nothing to bang. It was the creation of a lot of stuff out of nothing, which is theoretically possible, as I mentioned before. Though that is also another question that currently can not be answered, what is nothing?

Nothing had to be something to make other things. Is nothing a value that we just can not comprehend yet? Yes, I believe that is where were are at as far as that goes. Nothing is to infinity the same as 0. They do not exist. Remember that 0 is just a placeholder. It has no other meaning except to break equations. It does not exist. Therefore, we are without a doubt missing pieces of this puzzle.

Going deeper into the mind, we can theorize that quantum particles are so small that they can move and interact in a dimension without time because of that incredibly small size. This still does not, in any way, as far as I can see, explain how something can be created out of nothing. So we are still going to run into 0 and infinity going down this path. Still, we will work around that as others have in the past just headed towards the original question or whether quantum particles experience time the same way that we do.

Since all objects, as far as we know, have to have three dimensions to exist, we can look at taking time out of the equation since, in this theory, the small size of the particles allows them to create their own time. This also brings into play the theory of quantum spin and teleportation. More or less where it states that you can not know the state of a quantum particle until you look at it, but when you look at it, the spin changes. This makes no rational sense, but if you move quantum particles out of the 4th dimension and think of them existing only in the 3rd dimension, I think this can be explained. Taking time out of the equation takes infinity out of the equation. The possibilities are endless. I am not saying there would not be tremendously small values along the way, just no infinity.

If time does not exist, I offer that infinity can not exist. Therefore, 0 can not exist, so anything existing has to be something and nothing simultaneously. If you look at it through the right mindset, this explains quantum spin and quantum teleportation.

If that is not a mind-bender, I do not know what is, but it takes this kind of thought to overcome these hurdles. Could this theoretical thought experiment be full of holes? Sure it is, but if it makes you think, then I have done what I set out to do.

--Parting Wisdom
-Think deeply every day; evertying has an answer. Even infinity.-

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